Welcome to MarDona

During the early 1900’s around the depression era, there was a little shop on the upper east side of Manhattan, NYC, that specialized in importing olive oil and many other specialty foods from around the world. It had one goal in mind, and that was to bring to its customers the finest and best quality products they could find. It was owned by our founding partner’s grandpa.

Unfortunately because of the economic status of their time, Grandpa’s store was forced to close. But his business philosophy still lives on today. Give the customer the something different, the best in quality, the best price and above all the best in service. In keeping with his philosophy here at this site you will find gourmet products that are in most cases one of a kind.

MarDona Specialty Foods knows that there’s nothing more important than supplying our customers with the freshest food possible. In order to provide the freshest food possible we’ve recently partnered with Cargo Container HQ, a top supplier of refrigerated cargo containers. By shipping our food in cargo containers that have refrigeration we end up providing our customers with fresher, better tasting food.

Here at MarDona you will find product ideas such as infused olive oils in easy to use sprays. Our Chef Styled Squeeze bottle for our organic extra virgin olive oil and our organic balsamic vinegar are Chef inspired. Here you will find our well known Balsamic Condimenti glazes, and our tangy White Balsamic Glaze…and so much more. We are sure you will find an item that will spark your interest.

So take your mouse up to the tabs and start to visit great food products that will tantalize you taste buds. And bring back a time that has long past. Bring back the taste of yesterday with MarDona Specialty Foods!

Thank you.